Start of Okinawa Karate “WA” Series!

 We have started a video series that introduces the essence of Okinawa karate.
 The first video features Ikemiyagi Masaaki sensei on Sanchin. Ikemiyagi sensei also acts as the head of secretariat of ODKS, the entity in charge of managing our information center.
 We will release videos on a regular basis, so please look forward to them!

 Click here for the videos page



Yagi Meitetsu sensei recognized as person of cultural merit

 The "Okinawa Prefecture Persons of Cultural Merit” for the fiscal year 2020 were announced. Among the 15 personalities is Gōjū-ryū Yagi Meitetsu sensei. A ceremony is scheduled for November 9th.

 Born in 1949 as the son of cultural asset holder Yagi Meitoku sensei, Yagi Meitetsu sensei studied karate under his father. Today, he is the head of the Gōjū-ryū Meibukan Hdqrs. in Kume, Naha City. In the past, he served as the chairman of the Zen Okinawa Karatedō Federation and the Okinawa Karatedō Gōjūkai.

 (Photo@TRAVEL 67 : Chris Willson Photography)

Release of a special website for karate tourism

 Last year, the Japan Tourism Agency enforced a “Karate tourism contents creation for Okinawa, the birthplace of karate" as part of a global campaign to attract visitors to Japan. OCVB was the main entity in charge of the project.

 This year, OCVB was entrusted with the project "Creating attractive karate tourism” a model project for expanding inbound tourism utilizing local sports resources. This project is sponsored by the Japan Sports Agency.

 As part of this year’s project, a website has been released to support local companies that develop karate related programs. For more details, visit



Miyagi sensei receives the Prefecture Merit Award

 On the day of karate, October 25th, the 2020 recipients of the "Okinawa Prefecture Award of Merit" were announced. Among the 10 personalities is the chairman of the Okinawa Shōrin-ryū Karatedō Kyōkai and head of the Miyagi Dōjō in Urasoe City, Miyagi Takeshi sensei (85 years old).
 Miyagi sensei, who studied under the late Miyahira Katsuya sensei, the successor to Chibana Chōshin, 1st president of the same association, formed a karate enthusiasts group in 1955 and renamed it Miyagi Dōjō in 1963. Even today, he teaches children and adults three times a week.


New special exhibition starts on December 17th

 A new special exhibition "Okinawa Karate and School Education Part 2" starts on December 17th in the exhibition room of the Okinawa Karate Kaikan. Titled “Okinawa Karate grabbed college students’ hearts”, it will introduce the spread of karate outside Okinawa Prefecture. It will last until March 23, 2021.
 Please see the bilingual leaflet for details.