New website for Budō tourism released

 A new website for martial arts (Budō) tourism sponsored by the Japan Sports Agency has been released. In addition to "Okinawa Karate" and "Castle stay/ Kendō", various contents are introduced.  

 The official website is:

“WA” series: an application of Pin-an Sandan

 In this 11th episode of our WA series, Shōrin-ryū master Chinen Kenyū sensei demonstrates an application of Pin-an Sandan.

List of dōjō in mainland Japan

 OKIC has created a directory of Okinawa karate and kobudō dōjō outside of Okinawa prefecture. The purpose is to inform about the dōjō in mainland Japan that are affiliated with Okinawan organizations.

 Currently, there are 236 Okinawa karate dojos registered in 39 prefectures out of 46 prefectures. The total number of dōjō is 236. Please check this PDF for the number of dōjō by prefecture.

“WA” series: Gōjū-ryū’s Kakie

 In the 10th episode of OKIC’s WA series, Okinawa Gōjū-ryū master Higaonna Morio sensei explains and demonstrates Gōjū-ryū’s Kakie.

 The video is at this link:

Release of 16 masters’ interviews

 Interviews with 16 high-ranking masters from each style of Okinawa karate and kobudō have been released.