Some news on the Okinawa Karate Kaikan

 Next to the official website of the Okinawa Karate Kaikan, the managing team of the kaikan has launched a new website offering a large variety of karate related goods including the kaikan’s original mask. The address of the kaikan’s official online shop is

 Furthermore, the Youtube channel of the kaikan also offers karate and kobudo videos.


“WA” series: Matsubayashi-ryu’s gedan-barai

 In this fifth episode of the Okinawa Karate “WA” series, Matsubayashi-ryu master Taira Yoshitaka sensei introduces the way Gedan-barai (lower block) is executed and trained in his system.

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Promoting awamori and karate

 A new website produced by Nippon Travel Agency through a Japan government funded project introduces awamori and karate. The website address is

 In one of the videos, our center’s chief Uehara Kunio speaks about karate and the different schools of Okinawan karate.

 Note: There was an error in the translation. An 8th dan Shōrin-ryū from the line of Shimabukuro Eizo sensei, Uehara sensei says “Umi tachi du takara”. Unfortunately, the word “Umi” was wrongly translated into “sea” and his sentence became “The sea is a treasure.” Although it is true that the sea is a treasure, Uehara sensei meant “Umui tachi du takara”, meaning “When you feel it is the time, that’s a treasure”. He explains it also as “When you feel you should do something, this is the best timing to do it”.

Okinawa karate on Yamatogokoro

 With the motto “Energize Japan through inbound tourism”, the Tōkyō based company Yamatogokoro Inc. has interviewed our staff Miguel Da Luz and posted an article on its website.

 Click here for the interview (in Japanese)

“WA” series: Uechi-ryu’s auxiliary exercise

  In this fourth episode of the Okinawa Karate “WA” series, Uechi-ryu master Shimabukuro Haruyoshi sensei introduces an auxiliary exercise of his system of karate.


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