Call a taxi on your smartphone

  Calling a taxi from the Okinawa Karate Kaikan might be an issue for visitors from time to time…

  DiDi's "Vehicle allocation app" has been launched in the Okinawa area on August 20th!!
Download the DiDi taxi dispatch app to your smartphone and register your account to use this new service.
  If you and the driver can't find each other, you can call and communicate with the driver through a phone number that is only valid during the dispatch period.
  Messages are automatically translated in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

・ Commemorative campaign: 3,000 yen off for first use
・ Okinawa limited campaign: Hours from 20:00 to 22:00, free first ride every day
* Campaign is limited to app payment
Changes may arise without notice


Karate Day & International Seminar Official Website

  The official website for this fiscal year's “Karate Day” commemorative events and the “Okinawa Karate International Seminar” hosted by the Okinawa Prefecture and ODKS has been launched. The address is

Results of the World kobudō tournament

  On July 27th and 28th, the 2019 Okinawa Traditional Kobudō Tournament was held at the Okinawa Karate Kaikan. Below are the winner of the competition.


Bō Junior 1 Male

1 Hokama Motoki - Bunbukan Hdqrs.

2 Hambrick Kaiden - Ryūkonkai Shūdōkan Hdqrs.

3 Yamane Kidai - Shōseikai Minamihara Shūreikan


Bō Junior 1 Female

1 Takenami Yurina - Ryūshikai

2 Maemori Yū - Ryūkonkai Shūdōkan Hdqrs.


Bō Junior 2 Male

1 Arasaki Kazuo - Ryūkonkai Shūdōkan Hdqrs.

2 Matsudo Taiki - Ryūkonkai Taba Shūdōkan

3 Hirota Ryuto - Bunbukan Tōkyō Branch


Bō Junior 2 Female

1 Matayoshi Kotose - Shōseikai Minamihara Shūreikan

2 Matayoshi Yurie - Shōseikai Minamihara Shūreikan


Bō Adult 1 Male

1 Roberto Russo - Matayoshi Kobudō Junshinkan (Italy)

2 Kyan Keigō - Bunbukan Hdqrs.

3 Kamiyama Yūki - Ryūkonkai Shūdōkan Hdqrs.


Bō Adult 1 Female

1 Ikehara Maika - Ryūkonkai Shūdōkan Hdqrs.

2 Kanna Mirai - Ryūshikai

3 Yamashiro Wakana - Ryūkonkai Taba Shūdōkan


Bō Adult 2 Male

1 Nagai Takashi - Ryūshikai

2 Taira Musashi - Ryūshikai

3 Kawakita Akio - Ryūkyū Kobudō Hozonkai


Bō Adult 2 Female

1 Ōzawa Junko - Ryūkyū Kobudō Hozonkai

2 Teshima Yasuko - Shubukan Shiroma Dōjō

3 Hirota waka - Bunbukan Hdqrs.


Bō Senior Male

1 Sergei Mirutenko - Tesshinkan Belarus Branch

2 Yogi Yoshikuni - Bunbukan Hdqrs.

3 Takara Isao - Bunbukan Awase Branch


Bō Senior Female

1 Yamashiro Tamiko - Ryūkonkai Taba Shūdōkan

2 Nakasone Yasuko - Ryūkyū Kobudō Hozonkai

3 Lisa Ash Tesshinkan USA Branch


Sai Junior 1 Male

1 Ōkawa Takuya - Bunbukan Hdqrs.

2 Uechi Shō - Shōseikai Minamihara Shūreikan


Sai Junior 1 Female

1 Hambrick Ciara - Ryūkonkai Shūdōkan Hdqrs.

2 Ōshiro Miki - Shōseikai Minamihara Shūreikan


Sai Junior 2 Male

1 Shimabukuro Ren - Shōseikai Minamihara Shūreikan

2 Nakayoshi Ryūsuke - Bunbukan Hdqrs.

3 Yokota Yasuako - Ryūkonkai Taba Shūdōkan


Sai Adult 1 Male

1 Hagen Walter - Tesshinkan Germany Branch

2 Igor Mirutenko - Tesshinkan Belarus Branch

3 Nakama Shusei - Bunbukan Kanto Branch


Sai Adult 1 Female

1 Taira Minako - Ryūkyū Kobudō Hozonkai

2 Wakano Manami - Ryūkyū Kobudō Hozonkai

3 Sarah Hardjowasito - Tesshinkan USA Branch


Sai Adult 2 Male

1 Takemoto Masashi - Ryūshikai

2 Daniel Ross Antonsen - Tesshinkan

3 Baba Hiroyuki - Ryūkyū Kobudō Hozonkai


Sai Adult 2 Female

1 Kinjō Mika - Ryūkonkai Shūdōkan Hdqrs.

2 Motomura Satomi - Bunbukan Taiwan Branch

3 Furuya Chikako - Ryūshikai


Sai Senior Male

1 Kuba Masahiko - Bunbukan Hdqrs.

2 Kaneshiro Hiroshi - Shōseikai Minamihara Shūreikan

3 Fujimoto Shū - Bunbukan Kanto Branch.


Sai Senior Female

1 Kishaba Hiroko - Bunbukan Hdqrs.

2 Ebata Taeko - Kōdōkan Hdqrs.

3 Matsui Sachiko - Shōseikai Minamihara Shūreikan


Bō versus Bō kumite


1 Kyan Keigō - Bunbukan Hdqrs.

2 Nagai Takashi - Ryūshikai

3 Yohena Hiroshi Muti Motobu-ryū Gassendi Kai

3 Richard Wong - Ryūkyū Kobudō Hozonkai Hong Kong Branch

Okinawa Shōrin-ryū & Okinawa karate friendship seminars

  The Beikoku Shidokan Association is organizing a huge event to celebrate the 88th anniversary of Iha Seikichi sensei. Next to a demonstration on August 24th, 2 seminars are scheduled to be held at the Okinawa Karate Kaikan.

  Iha sensei has made a point for these seminars to be open to all so many people can meet, train and deepen friendship through karate.



    Date: August 24th (Sat.)

    Time: 11:00~14:00

    Venue: Okinawa Karate Kaikan


Shōrin-ryū karate friendship seminars

    Date: August 24th (Sat.)

    Time: 15:00~19:00

    Venue: Okinawa Karate Kaikan


Okinawa karate friendship seminars

    Date: August 25th (Sun.)

    Time: 9:00~14:30

    Venue: Okinawa Karate Kaikan


For registration, please visit the event’s official website.

Radio program: Atsumare! Karate kids

  Did you know that since May of this year there is a program titled “Atsumare (Gather)! Karate Kids” in the RBCi Radio's program Sports Focal?
  Mr. Nagamine Hiroki, a radio personality and reporter, visits the local dojo and interview the dojo’s head and children.

  The show lasts about 5 minutes and is broadcasted every Thursday from 15:30.

  Which dojo will be introduced this Thursday?

  To know the answer, listen to the show on RBCi radio around 15:30 (AM 738) or check Radiko.

  Unfortunately the program is only in Japanese.