An Okinawa karate organization promoting SDGs

 On November 10th, the issuance ceremony for the “Okinawa SDGs Partner Registration” sponsored by the Okinawa Prefecture was held at the Okinawa Prefecture Municipalities Autonomous Hall. During the event, the Okinawa Ken Karatedō Rengōkai was recognized as an organization to promote SDGs to Okinawans. It is a first in the Okinawa karate world. The issuance ceremony was attended by Chairman Nakazato Minoru and Deputy Secretary General Arakaki Kunihiro, who is in charge of promoting SDGs activities within the Rengōkai. Nakazato sensei received the certificate from Governor Tamaki Denny (photo below).


Nepalese students experience Okinawa karate


 Today, 28 students from the Shogakuin SPULA academy visit the Okinawa Karate Kaikan for the purpose of experiencing karate as an exchange and cultural experience between students. After touring the museum in the exhibition building, they actually experienced Okinawa karate.

 All students are from Nepal and the average age is 24 years old. Having been working while studying for two years in Okinawa, they are fluent in Japanese! They are presently studying to enter a Japanese university.

 The instructor was Uema Takeshi sensei, of the Shorin-ryu Uema Dojo - Shuri Karate Kobudo Preservation Society.

 During the 90-minute experience with intermediary breaks, participants enjoyed learning Okinawa Karate through reigisaho (etiquette), kihon (basics), kata (forms) and touch games instead kumite. All left the Okinawa Karate Kaikan with smiles on their faces.

Video of the karate demonstration at Shuri Castle

(Information from the Okinawa Prefecture Park Division)

 In the video archive ( of the Shuri Castle reconstruction event “Shurijo Castle Projection Mapping 2021”, the karate demonstrations are as follows.

  • Shōrinji-ryū, Mr. Yogi Katsuya, around 31:00
  • Gōjū-ryū, Miyakozawa Takayuki, around 35:00
  • Kobudō, Iha Mitsutada, around 39:00
  • Uechi-ryū, Uechi Kanji, around 43:00
  • Shōrin-ryū, Kinjō Mika, around 45:00


A 6th grade karateka wins a prize

 Today is “Ryūkyū History and Culture Day”. A related ceremony will be held at the Okinawa Karate Kaikan this afternoon, but here is a little scoop prior the ceremony.

 On this day’s occasion, a logo mark, Ryūkyūan poem, photo + catch phrase contest was held.

 Maeshiro Gō, a relative of Maeshiro Shusei sensei, Hanshi 10th dan in Uechi-ryū and kobudō, is among the prize recipients! Maeshiro Gō is originally from the Uechi-ryū Aja Shūbukan Ryūshikai and currently trains at the Gōjū-ryū Nakamoto Juku.

  His catch copy: “While thinking of the predecessors of karate

Watch the karate demonstration during the ceremony on this page:

Karate and tourism… Did you know?

 In Okinawa, a tourism-oriented prefecture, the “Okinawa prefecture tourism person of merit award” commendation has been held since 1977. So far, more than 250 people and groups have been commended. Among them can be found some famous karate masters.

 In 1982, Shōrin-ryū Higa Yūchoku was commended as the chairman of the Naha City Tug of War Preservation Society.

 In 1997, Shōrin-ryū Kadekawa Shigeo sensei was commended as the head of the Kadekawa Karate Dance Institute.

 In 2003, Shōrin-ryū Kinjō Kempo was commended as the head of the Tokiwa transport company.

 In 2009, Shōrin-ryū Arakaki Isamu sensei was commended as a director of the Naha City Tourism Association and a director of the Naha City Tug of War Preservation Society.

 In 2013, Shōrin-ryū Higa Minoru sensei was commended as the chairman of the Naha City Tug of War Preservation Society.

 In 2019, Matsubayashi-ryū Taira Yoshitaka sensei was commended as a director of the Naha Dragon Boat Promotion Association.

 In 2020, Uechi-ryū Uezu Jinkichi sensei was commended as the chairman of the Naha City Tug of War Preservation Society.

 Recently, in 2021, Nakahodo Tsutomu sensei (88), a holder of the prefecture designated intangible cultural asset “Okinawa karate and kobujutsu” was also commended for having served the private taxi industry since 1967.