Situation update for overseas karateka

 For more than 30 days, there has been no new covid-19 case in Okinawa. Yet the situation in mainland Japan is different. Here is an update for karate enthusiasts who are planning a trip to Okinawa.

 As of June 5th, the list of countries which nationals are denied permission to enter Japan can be found at this link.

 At a coronavirus infectious disease control meeting on May 25th, the government of Japan decided to extend to the end of June the current measures regarding entry to Japan.

 We will keep you posted as new information comes in. Meanwhile, more information can be found at the Japan National Tourism Organization website:

 Until we meet again in Okinawa, stay healthy!

New officers for the Okinawa Pref. Karatedō Rengōkai
  Last week, the general assembly of the Okinawa Ken Karatedō Rengōkai was held and new officers were elected. Nakazato Minoru sensei (photo), head of the Okinawa Shōrin-ryū Shōrinkan Association was appointed as the new chairman of the Rengōkai. For details, please check the Shinkōkai website.


Higa Yūchoku sensei and Passai Dai

 We have published an article on Higa sensei and the kata Passai Dai introduced in the Okinawa Times newspaper in 1969.

6 additional holders of intangible cultural asset

 On May 19, the Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education (Director of Education, Kinjō Hiromasa) announced additional certified holders for the prefecture designated intangible cultural property “Okinawa karate and kobujutsu”. The newly recognized masters are:

    Takara Shintoku (90 years old, Uechi-ryū)
    Iha Seikichi (87 years old, Shōrin-ryū)
    Nakahodo Tsutomu (86 years old, Uechi-ryū)
    Iha Kōtarō (81 years old, Kobujutsu)
    Maeshiro Morinobu (75 years old, Shōrin-ryū)
    Kikugawa Masanari (74, Gōjū-ryū)


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Reopening of the Kaikan and OKIC

 As you may already know, the request for suspension of business activities in the Okinawa Prefecture was canceled on May 14, and the Okinawa Karate Kaikan and our Information Center have reopened.
 Also, to prevent the spread of the infection, the Okinawa Prefecture Government requested that karate dōjō be closed until May 20. However, on the condition of the following of guidelines for infection prevention, it is now possible to reopen karate dōjō after Thursday, May 14.