Okinawa karate demonstration in Tokyo


  February 23, 2020 (Sun), a grand demonstration will be held at the JP Tower KITTE 1F Atrium. This will be a great opportunity to discover the essence of karate from its birthplace, Okinawa!


Event summary:

 Name: ~ The birthplace of karate, Okinawa ~ Okinawa Karate Demonstration 2020
 Date: February 23, 2020 (Sun)  11: 00-18: 00 (stage demonstrations are at 13: 00 and 16: 00)
 Venue: JP Tower KITTE 1F Atrium
 Karate demonstrators: 20 people
 Organizer: OPG Karate Promotion Division


 Okinawa Karate Demonstration 2020 Secretariat
 TEL: 098-862-3577 FAX: 098-862-3548

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High school students from Oregon experience Okinawa karate


  On December 12, high school students from Oregon USA experienced Okinawa karate as part of the “Kakehashi Project” project sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) Kyushu Branch was in charge of carrying the entire program.

  The karate program was coordinated by our center, and karate instruction was done Shōrin-ryū Kyūdōkan Higa Koyū. Most of the high school students who tried karate are studying Japanese language, and had fun at discovering basic movements all the way to Fukyū-gata I.

  During this 5 nights 6 days trip, the 23 high school students (15-18 years old) and 2 teachers from the Churchill High School also visited the Peace Memorial Museum, participated in an exchange program with Nago High School, homestay and workshops.

  Following Cambodia, the United States and Hawaii in the past, this is the fifth time that OKIC organized karate programs for overseas youth.


Nakaima and Uchima in the 9th article of the Kobudō series

  We have released the last article from the 1961 Kobudo series of the Okinawa Times.

A donation campaign for Shuri Castle

  The Okinawa Dentō Karatedō Shinkōkai has announced the start of a donation for the reconstruction of Shuri Castle. More details on the ODKS official website.

The program “Kids meet the World” on air!

  NHK WORLD’s program “Kids meet the World” filmed last August is scheduled to be broadcast on the following dates and time.

  Sunday, November 24 at 9:10-9:35/15:10-15: 35/21:10-21:35
  Monday, November 25 at 3:10-3:35


  When you click on the banner “Live & Programs” from the NHK WORLD website, a 24-hour program is broadcast on the website, just like a TV program. Here, the program is broadcast multiple times according to the above broadcast dates and time, so you can watch the program there.



 Also, after the broadcast, from around Tuesday, if you search for "Kids meet the World" on the Internet, the program's HP will come out and can be watched on demand for 1 year on that website.