Practical information on Okinawa

  In order to help foreign visitors who wish to visit Okinawa, we have listed information that we think will help during a stay in Okinawa. The list covers accommodation, emergencies, etiquette, hospitals, the Internet, karate and martial arts shops, laundromats, money, business cards, post offices, shopping, telephones, tourist information, transportation, visits to dōjō, weather, etc.

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Talk-show on karate on September 18th


  September 16-24, the 19th Okinawan Book Fair is held on the 7th floor of the Ryūbō Department store in Naha, precisely at Libro Ryūbō Book Center. The store is open 10:0020:30.

  On September 18th, a talk show titled “Okinawa karate’s past, present and future” is scheduled with Tsuha Kiyoshi and Katsuren Seihō as guest speakers. Tsuha Kiyoshi is a 9th dan Shōrin-ryū master and karate researcher. Mr. Katsuren authored “Inspection of Okinawa martial art history, The Okinawan martial art - Karate”. 

Resolution on the declaration of the day of Karate



  With the 2017 Day of Karate event coming up next month, we have translated the resolution text in English.

  Read it at this page.


Report on Okinawa karate in Spanish


  Juan Antonio García Ruiz visited Okinawa August 18-23 for a series of reports and interviews on Okinawa karate. He regularly writes articles in Spanish martial magazines and has a radio show on the subject.

  While in Okinawa, our center helped organize  interviews with Kenshikai Hokama Tetsuhiro sensei, Kyūdōkan Higa Minoru sensei and Higaonna karate dōjō Higaonna Morio sensei.

  The first article in Spanish was posted on Mr. Ruiz blog.

Our center introduced in a local newspaper

For the first time, our center was introduced in the Ryukyu Shinpo newspaper Sunday 20th, 2107.

The official translation is available here.


(Source: Ryukyu Shimpo)