Okinawa karate highlighted in a JNTO movie


  The Japanese Government Tourism Board (JNTO) has released a promotional video targeting Europe. Inside, Okinawa as the birthplace of karate and the Okinawa Karate Kaikan are highlighted.

  It is a very nicely produced movie, so please have a look. In addition, on the website, viewers can acquire information on the various sites introduced in the movie.



Appearance on an RBC Radio show


 On Sunday, August 26th, Miguel Da Luz, PR representative for our center appeared on RBC announcer Mr. Hijikata's radio program titled "Words of a 1000 people." You can listen to the 30 minutes program on the link below. Sorry, in Japanese only.!/ts/RBC/20180826090000

Karate outside the dōjō

  Karate enthusiasts who visit Okinawa usually train a lot, enjoy time with their instructors and friends and dedicate the rest of their time enjoying and discovering Okinawa, its culture and multifaceted society. Some interested in karate’s history take the time to visit karate monuments or take a karate tour to physically experience the tangible aspects of Okinawa karate and to pay their respect to the masters of the past.

  Others who are really into culture and history take the time to visit local museums and libraries, some even spending their free time navigating between the many second-hand bookstores in search of a rare book. One of the few bookstores specialized in karate is Yōju Shorin (in Japanese) located in Ginowan City.



  There is also the Okinawa Prefectural Archives that houses many documents and films related to karate.



  When it comes to books, the must visit library was the Okinawa Prefectural Library (in Japanese) that was located in Yogi Park, Naha City. This facility is being relocated on the grounds of where used to be the Naha Bus Terminal. It will be housed on the 3rd to the 6th floor of a new complex building constructed as part of the Asahibashi monorail station redevelopment project. The new library should open in December 2018.



  No need to mention that a must visit site is the Okinawa Karate Kaikan and its Archives. But did you know that the exhibition hall home of the Archives also houses a small but precious room known as the Shiryō etsuran shitsu or document reading/research room. With the many books and documents donated by late masters such as Takamiyagi Shigeru, the room’s collection is quite consequent and worth the visit. Indeed, the research team is working daily to file and unveil new books and documents such as newspapers’ articles some dating of 1895!




  Now, if you have an inquiry regarding documents that might be on the bookshelves or about any other type of project, the best is to first send an email to one of the curators working at the Karate Promotion Division. The email address is 82500[@] (Please remove the [ ] before and after @). Note that this office is not located within the Okinawa Karate Kaikan but within the Okinawa Prefecture Government Building.

  As you see, and although he meant something else, Funakoshi Gichin's principles “dōjō nomi no karate to omou na - Do not think that karate is only in the dōjō” is very much true.



Karate program on the air


  From August 3 to August 31, the Okinawa Karate Information Center is appearing on FM Okinawa Radio (87.3 FM) in the program "RADIO de Okinawa KARATE Dojo". Today will be the third broadcast.
  Personalities Shiori Ueda and Chinen Dashinichiro talk in a relaxed atmosphere about karate with Miguel Da Luz, our center’s PR representative.
  Broadcasting time is within the program “Sh@re TIME” every Friday from 19: 25 to (5 minutes).

  Unfortunately, the program is in Japanese only…

List of reasonably priced accommodations

  Here is a list of not too expensive and karate friendly accommodations in Naha City. The ones marked with a (★) have online English information available. For other ones, send an email in English. When contacting them, make sure to mention that you are visiting Okinawa for karate purposes as some may have discounts for karate enthusiasts.

  Please understand that we can not be held responsible for any issue happening when contacting or staying at one of these facilities as well as regarding the style and services of each facility. This information is only provided as a start for someone looking for a place to stay.

  If you wish to suggest an accommodation, feel free to contact us.


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Andon Matsuo★
Asahi Guest house★
CamCam Okinawa★
Guest house Base Okinawa★
Guest House Sea pappa★
Guest House Umikaji★
Hikari no Ie Anex
Karate Mate
Kariyushi Hotels★

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Minshuku Hakuseisho★
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