List of dōjō in Okinawa Explanatory notes

 This directory of Okinawa karate dōjō in mainland Japan with headquarters in Okinawa is based on past publications released by the Okinawa Prefecture Government and Board of Education (see the explanatory notes for details).

 Although we have listed the various prefectures in English for selection, this directory’s information is in Japanese language only.

 If you live in Japan and need some help to find a dōjō, feel free to contact us anytime.

 For visitors from overseas, note that not all dōjō accept visiting martial artists. If you need an introduction while visiting mainland Japan, contact our center and we will try to match your demand.

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Central area
Kinki area
Kanto area


流派名 Naha Te system
流会派・道場名 (日本語) 沖縄空手道剛柔流尚礼会  (日本語) 尚礼舘総本部道場
代表者 (日本語) 伊藤 孝三郎
WebSite (日本語)
流派名 Other system
流会派・道場名 (日本語) 沖縄傳湖城流空手道  (日本語) 林山会
代表者 (日本語) 山口 敏幸
WebSite (日本語)
流派名 Kobudō system
流会派・道場名 (日本語) 沖縄孝武流空手道古武道孝武会  (日本語) 龍武館
代表者 (日本語) 切江 龍二