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Article 9  

June 13th, 2024



 Two local Okinawan newspapers reported that an obstetrics and gynecology clinic in Itoman City, “Jinseikai Kamiya Mother and Child Clinic” will terminate its child delivery support as of June 12.

 This clinic has provided obstetrics and gynecology care in the region for nearly a century through three generations. In today’s article, the Okinawa Times reports, “In 1925, Jinsei Kamiya relocated his clinic near what is now Itoman High School.” However, according to a newspaper article from Okinawa Asahi Shimbun dated December 25, 1924, it appears that his clinic was located in front of the Itoman Station of the Okinawa Prefecture Railway. In later years, the Kamiya  Clinic also founded an affiliated midwifery training school, dedicating efforts to the education and training of midwives.

 Now, Jinsei Kamiya, was, as a matter of fact, one of the top disciples of Chōjun Miyagi, the founder of Gōjū-ryū. It is said that he was a member of the “Karate-do Specialist Committee” that approved the “Fukyu Kata (standardized forms).” Additionally, he excelled in Sanshin music and held a master’s license in Nomura- ryū, a school of classical Ryukyu music.

 This medical professional who dedicated many years to the health of mothers and children in the community was also a “Kakuri (Hidden) Bushi” who took on the role of preserving Okinawan tradition of karate and arts.





Written by Sōmō Koji and Kakigi
Posted on June 13, 2024