Uechi Kanbun (1877 – 1948) is the founder of one of the three major styles of Okinawa karate, Uechi-ryū. On April 21st, the unveiling ceremony of his statue was held in Mount Yaedake “Sakura no Mori Park”, close from where Uechi Kanbun was born. More than 500 people participated. Here are some photographs introducing this historical day.

Starting of the ceremony


Start of the Shintō ritual of the unveiling ceremony


The senior priest of Okinogu, Uechi Ichirō heads the ritual.


From the right, Uechi Sadanao, 4th Sōke of Uechi-ryū, his brother Kanji and his uncle Kansei


The priest Uechi Ichirō is also a high ranking Shōrin-ryū karateka


People attending the ritual. On the front line far right is Hokama Tetsuhiro who was commissioned to calligraphy the story of Uechi Kanbun on the monument.


End of the ritual

Commemorative tree-planting. Chosen were Shīkwāsā citrus trees for which Motobu Town is famous for.


The 4th Sōke of Uechi-ryū, Uechi Sadanao


Lion dance of Sesoko


Speech by Tōyama Kiyohiro, head of the Motobu Town Tourism association


Speech by Uechi Sadanao
Speech by the mayor of Motobu town, Takara Fumio

Speech by Okinawa Dentō karatedō Shinkōkai Rijichō, Kiyūna Chōkō


From the left, relatives handing the photographs of 2nd and 3rd Sōke of the style, respectively Kanei and Kanmei.

3rd and 4th persons are Kanyū and Kanji, younger brothers of Uechi Sadanao.


From the left, the 2nd son of Uehara Saburō, Uehara Isamu, Kamiunten Seikō, and Uehara Saburō’s first son, Uehara Takenobu, cultural asset holder for Okinawa karate.

The unveiling of the statue


Commemorative photograph


The statue of Uechi Kanbun


Dedicatory demonstration in front of the bronze statue. The performed kata is Sanchin.


Uechi Kanji (44)


Uechi Kansei (66), uncle of Uechi Sadanao


Uechi Kanyū (37)


The bronze (180 cm) is about 5 meters including the pedestal


Closing remark by Takae Yasushi


Shimabukuro Haruyoshi leading the demonstration


Demonstration of the kata Kanshiwa


Karate starts and ends with a bow


The members of the statue construction committee


The Uechi family


All participants


The plate attached to the monument – Calligraphy by Hokama Tetsuhiro.


The English translation, translated by Miguel Da Luz.