Name of the site

Site of Okinawa Shihan Gakkō


Before WWII, where now stands the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts used to be the Okinawa Shihan Gakkō or Okinawa Normal School. First established in 1880 in the Nishi area of Naha, it was relocated here in 1886.
Destroyed during the Battle of Okinawa, a memorial monument with the former school’s entrance pillars was raised on the premises.
Among the famous masters who taught karate at the Normal School were Itosu Ankō, Yabu Kentsū, Hanashiro Chōmo, etc.

Related styles

Shurite, Shōtōkan, etc.


The memorial monument is located on the side of the campus, close by the Bezaitendō Shrine.

In the surroundings

Shuri Castle, Enkakuji temple, Tennyō Bridge, Bezaitendō Shrine and the Enganchi Pond.