Name of the site

The Matsumora Kōsaku monument


Among the words inscribed on the monument raised in 1983 can be read the following.
Matsumora Kōsaku (1829-1898) was born in Tomari Village. The wise master was a naturally gifted bujin. Making the best of his small body but robust health, he started training in his young years with Tomarite experts Uku Karyū and Teruya Kisen. Years after, he distinguished himself as a bujin. Filled with a deep chivalrous spirit, he once restrained a samurai from Satsuma who had drawn his sword and was abusing the good citizens of Tomari. In the fear of aftereffects, Matsumora had to go hide in Nago Village for a while...”
The worshipping monument located next to the karate stele is not related to Matsumora Kōsaku.

Related styles

Tomarite, Matsubayashi-ryū, Gōhaku-kai, etc.


The stele is located in the Shinyashiki Park in Tomari, in between Route 58 and the International cemetery. On route 58, standing at the Tomari Takahashi Crossing going north, turn at the 2nd road to your left and keep going straight. The park is on the right hand side.

In the surroundings

The Furuherin cave, Tomari international cemetery, the monument commemorating Commodore Perry's landing, the monument commemorating the 200 anniversary of the visit to Ryūkyū of Basil Hall