Name of the site

Matsumora Kōsaku’s retreat site


At a time when Matsumora Kōsaku was in his 20ies. One night, a drunken Satsuma samurai was wandering in Tomari village and drew his sword ready to heart the villagers. Facing the situation, Matsumora put a stone in the edge of a hand towel, wet it and restrained the samurai who advanced to cut him down. In fear of retaliation towards Tomari village, Matsumora retreat to the northern area of Okinawa main island. On the site where Matsumora lived stands today a post on which is inscribed: “Bushi Matsumora Kōsaku secluded life residence site.” In the back is inscribed February 14, 1985.
(Source: "Bushi Matsumora Kōsaku Ryakuden" by Matsumura Kōkatsu)

Related styles

Matsubayashi-ryu, Sukunai-hayashi-ryu, Shorinji-ryu, Gohaku-ryu, Tomarite related styles.


The site is located in the Katsuyama area forest, in between the Katsū Mountain and the Okinawa San-iku Junior High School.