Although the Okinawa Dentō Karatedō Shinkōkai (hereinafter called the “Shinkōkai”) is paying close attention on the contents of the information appearing in the “Okinawa Karate Information Center Website (hereinafter called the “Website”)”, the Shinkōkai will not bear any responsibility for any act performed through the information on the Website by any user. The Shinkōkai will not bear any responsibility for any damage and loss incurred through the access to this Website by any user under any circumstances.



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◆Privacy Policy.

  Regarding this Website, the Shinkōkai will strive to make a website easy to use by users. The Shinkōkai will also appropriately collect, use and manage personal information in accordance with the “Okinawa Prefecture Personal Information Protection Ordinance”.


◇What is Personal Information?

  “Personal Information” refers to the information relevant to individuals out of all the information collected by the Shinkōkai, which identifies or may identify specific individuals (name, address, phone number, E-mail address, etc.).


◇Collection of Personal Information.

  When the Shinkōkai is to collect personal information for the Website, such information shall be provided, as a general rule, with the user’s will. We will clarify the purpose of collection, and collect information within the scope necessary for achieving the purpose.


◇Restriction on Use and Provision of Personal Information.

  The Shinkōkai will never use or provide collected personal information beyond the purpose of collection, except as stipulated in the “Okinawa Prefecture Personal Information Protection Ordinance”.

◇Management of Personal Information.

  The Shinkōkai will properly manage collected personal information, preventing leakage, loss or tampering of such information.

  Established on July 15, 2017.

  Revision History: None.