Name of the site

Monument of Kyan Chōtoku


Kyan Chōtoku (1870-1945), also known as “Chanmī-gwā” or little squinty-eyed was born in a famous Shuri family. He spent some of his youth in Tōkyō where he studied Chinese classics at the school known today as Nishogakusha University. Before going and while in Tōkyō, he received karate instruction from his father. On his return to Okinawa, he studied under Shurite and Tomarite masters. Dedicating his life to karate, he became a master of his own. Although only 1.50 meter of height, his techniques developed through severe conditioning had tremendous power and speed.
Taking up residence on the Hija river shore around 1910, he taught the students of the Prefectural Agricultural School, the Normal School for youth school teachers that were located in Kadena as well as policemen stationed there. He also taught the youth of the surroundings.

Related styles

Shurite, Tomarite, Shōrin-ryū, Sukunai-hayashi-ryū, Shōrinji-ryū, etc.


This monument is located at the side of the parking lot of the Kadena Town Youth Center.

In the surroundings

Kina station, Shō Hashi Tomb, etc.