Name of the site

Bushi Matsumora relief sculpture


In the district located behind the Sōgenji Wall can be found a beautiful promenade street called the “Tomari Sansaku Michi”. Running from behind the Itokazu Hospital all the way to Tomari Elementary School, this one way road is decorated with a few monuments that relate to the history and traditions of Tomari.
Entering from the hospital’s side, pedestrians will first see a replica of the Sōgenji wall followed by the Bushi Matsumora relief.
On the monument are inscribed the following words:
The rejuvenator of karate (Tomarite)
Matsumora Kōsaku (1829-1898) was born in the Tomari Village. Dedicating his life to karatedō, he invented the school called Tomarite and strive to instruct his juniors forming numerous outstanding students. For the posterity, he is the karate expert known as Tomari’s “Bushi Matsumora”.

Related styles

Matsubayashi-ryu, Sukunai-hayashi-ryu, Shorinji-ryu, Gohaku-ryu, Tomarite related styles.


Located behind the Itokazu Hospital.

In the surroundings

The the Sōgenji wall, the various monuments that can be found in the same street where stands the relief: three miniature dragon boats related to the Naha Dragon Boat Race Festival, two statues of dragon, symbol of the Ryūkyū, a relief dedicated to the opera Tumai Aka, a monument relating to the Admiral Perry’s ships arrival, and a worshiping site inside a small park.