Name of the site

Monument of Higaonna Kanryō & Miyagi Chōjun


This monument is dedicated to two renowned masters, Higaonna Kanryō (1853-1917), an expert of Nahate and Miyagi Chōjun (1888-1953), founder of Gōjū-ryū. It was built in 1987 for the 100 years commemoration of the birth of Miyagi Chōjun.
On the front side of the monument is written from the right: Ancient sage Higaonna Kanryō - Fist saint Miyagi Chōjun - Praising Monument - Calligraphy by Chin Honbu.
In the back of the monument itself are inscribed biographies and dying instructions of the two masters.

Related styles

Nahate, Gōjū-ryū, etc.


The monument is located within the Matsuyama Park in Naha City. Prior to WWII, it was the ground for the Okinawa Prefectural 2nd Senior High School for girls. Behind the public toilets, look for the parking lot. The monument stands on the mount next to the lot.

In the surroundings

Birthplace of Kuninda monument, Fukushuen Park, Kuninda Terrace, Kume Shiseibyō and Meirindō