Name of the site

Funakoshi Gichin “Karate ni sente nashi” monument


First erected on at the entrance of the Ōnoyama in 2007, this monument was relocated at the entrance of the Oki-no-Gū Shrine ( inside the same park in 2015.
The main monument’s characters were calligraphed by Zen master and karate expert, master Sakiyama Sōgen.
The other steles surrounding the main monument introduced the many people who donated for the erection of this splendid praising memorial.

Related styles

Okinawa karate, Shurite, Shōtōkan, Wadō-ryū, etc.


Entering the Onoyama Park, the monument is at the entrance of the Oki no Gu shrine.

In the surroundings

Okinawa Prefecture Martial Arts Hall, the Budōkan.