The 33rd karatedō and kobudō demonstration

  February 24th, the Okinawa Prefectural Karatedō Federation (president Teruya Kōei) held its annual demonstration at the Okinawa Prefectural Budōkan. It was the 33rd edition. The photographs of this demonstration composed of 18 different performances were released on the official FACEBOOK page of Shūreidō.

Okinawa Karate Kaikan 1st anniversary event

An event will be held on Sunday, March 4th to commemorate the opening of the Okinawa Karate Kaikan.

The schedule is planned as follow:

  11:00~15:30 Children trial classes

  14:00~14:30 Karate demonstration

  13:00~ & 14:30~ Guided tour of the facility

  10:00~17:00 Karate quiz rally (for the first 100 people to sign up)

For details: 098-851-1025 (Intl': +81-98-851-1025)


Birth of the “Karate Jet”


  Japan TransOcean Airlines (JTA) unveiled a Boeing 737-800 type (165 seats) designed with the catch copy “Okinawa The Birthplace of karate” both in Japanese and English.

  The unveiling ceremony was held at the JTA maintenance center in Naha airport on February 7. In addition to JTA officials, Okinawa prefecture officials, Cultural asset holders for Okinawa karate and kobudo Uehara Takenobu, Higaonna Morio and Nakamoto Masahiro, and the vice chairman of the prefectural sports association Sakumoto Tsuguo attended the ceremony among others. Okinawa Ryūei-ryū Karate Kobudō Ryūhō-kai's Kiyūna Ryō and Shimomura Seren performed on the occasion.

  The purpose of this project, which is part of an Okinawa Prefecture project to promote Okinawa traditional karate, is to pass the message that “karate equals Okinawa”. Furthermore, another aim is to promote the 1st Okinawa karate international tournament to be held in August.

  Two "Karate Jet" planes will be operated on multiple routes inside and outside the prefecture for half a year starting from February.


Kata of Okinawa karate and kobudō

  As a mean to identify standard kata and to study about kata tolerance for the First international tournament of 2018, the executive committee has recorded a total of 133 video of karate kata, 28 bōjutsu kata and 17 of saijutsu kata.

  They illustrate the list of kata officially chosen for this August competition.

  While there are of course many more kata and versions practiced in Okinawa, it is a great way to study Okinawa karate and for first time visitors to Okinawa, to research which system appeals to one best.


Kata of Shuri – Tomarite and the various forms

  1. Pin-an Shōdan 
  2. Pin-an Nidan
  3. Pin-an Sandan
  4. Pin-an Yondan
  5. Pin-an Godan
  6. Naihanchi Shōdan
  7. Naihanchi Nidan
  8. Naihanchi Sandan
  9. Ānankū
  10. Sēsan
  11. Wankan
  12. Wansū (Wanshū)
  13. Rōhai
  14. Passai
  15. Passai Dai (Matsumura no Passai)
  16. Passai Shō (Itosu no Passai)
  17. Chintī
  18. Jittī (Jitte)
  19. Sōchin
  20. Jion
  21. Unsū
  22. Gōjūshihō (ūsēshī)
  23. Chintō
  24. Kūsankū
  25. Kūsankū Dai
  26. Kūsankū Shō


Kata of Nahate and the various forms

  1. Gekisai Ichi (Ⅰ)
  2. Gekisai Ni (Ⅱ)
  3. Saifā
  4. Seyunchin (Seenchin)
  5. Shisōchin
  6. Sansērū
  7. Sēpai
  8. Kururunfā
  9. Sēsan
  10. Sūpārinpē (pecchūrin)


Kata of Uechi-ryū

  1. Kanshiwa
  2. Kanshū
  3. Sēchin
  4. Sēsan
  5. Sēryū
  6. Kanchin
  7. Sansēryu


Kobudō (Bō) kata and the various forms

  1. Ufugushiku nu Kun
  2. Choun nu Kun
  3. Shūshi nu Kun
  4. Shūshi nu Kun Shō
  5. Shūshi nu Kun Dai
  6. Sakugawa nu Kun
  7. Sakugawa nu Kun Shō
  8. Sakugawa nu Kun Dai
  9. Tokumine nu Kun
  10. Chikin nu Kun
  11. Shīshi nu Kun
  12. Yonegawa nu Kun
  13. Chinen Shikiyanaka nu Kun
  14. Shirotaru nu Kun
  15. Shiromatsu nu Kun
  16. Shirotaro nu Kun
  17. Ufutun Bō
  18. Kasshin Bō

The kata “Kubo nu Kun”, “Kātin nu Kun” and “Uehara nu Kun” are also listed on the official rule book.


Kobudō (Sai) kata and the various forms

  1. Chikin Shitahaku Nu Sai
  2. Chatan Yara nu Sai
  3. Hamahiga nu Sai
  4. Tawata nu Sai
  5. Kugushiku nu Sai
  6. Yakā nu Sai
  7. Sai I
  8. Sai II
  9. Sai III
  10. Ishikawagwa nu Sai
  11. Nichō Sai
  12. Sanchō Sai
  13. Shinbaru nu Sai



  • The names of kata, particularly for kobudō, have been written according to a tournament rule book handed during a referee meeting held on February 4th, 2018.
  • Tanren-gata like Naihanchi and Sanchin are not eligible for the tournament thus not listed.
Kāmi mixing beauty and usefulness


  Practitioners of Okinawa karate use various daily utensils in their training regimen to condition their body. Among them are what is called Nigiri-gāmi or Sanchin-gāmi. These jug of various shapes and weight are found in many Okinawa karate dōjō, particularly in Gōjū-ryū and Uechi-ryū. Traditionally, practitioners add a little more water or sand every day to weigh down the jugs, thus developing gripping power, among other skills.

  Ideally, the mouth of the jugs would be mold to fit the hands of the person to use it. While this tradition tends to disappear, the outside design of the jug is something people care for, as the jugs are part of a dōjō, serving both a practical and an esthetic purposes.

  Gushiken Zenshin (photo below) is a ceramics master from Katsuren, Uruma City. In Okinawan language, Katsuren is said Kacchin, thus the name of his kiln Kacchin-gama or Katsuren Kiln. After making earthenware pots, jugs and other common pottery artifacts all his life, Mr. Gushiken had the brilliant idea to combine his skills with the needs of karate.

  He designed and created gripping jars with various beautiful designs of Daruma – Bodhidharma, founder of China Zen sect and the Buddha who became bones and skin after severe yoga practice. As explains Gushiken Zenshin, Both are symbols of fearless asceticism”.

  Next to beauty, another characteristic makes his jars special: each of the jug is inserted with a rope to prevent the beautiful but delicate jug from falling when being gripped.


  For the 5th time, Gushiken Zenshin will be exhibiting his artwork at the Seisa Gallery, 3-17-5 1F Kumoji, Naha City February 6th~18th.

  Furthermore, the special feature of these karate jars having been registered, these corded grip jars should soon be available at the Okinawa Karate Kaikan’s shop.