In September 1997, the Okinawa Prefecture and the Chinese Fujian Province concluded a sister Prefecture Province treaty. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of this conclusion, the Okinawa Prefecture sent a delegation of 73 people among which many karate masters led by the Okinawa Governor. They were in China Fujian and other places from November 9 to 13 for a series of visits an receptions. (Above photo)



  In Naha City’s Matsuyama Park stand the Higaonna and Miyagi Monument and the Kume Village Birthplace Monument (above photo) which was erected to commemorate. Also, next to Fukushu Park is Kuninda Terrace, a facility that introduces the history of Kume formely called Kuninda. The terrace has created a map of important sites to visit in the area that we are releasing with the Kuninda Terrace’s approval.

Map of Kume and explanations

  If you are a practitioner of Gōjū-ryū or Nahate related styles, don’t miss to visit the terrace and the area.