The Okinawa Karate Information Center has been active since May 2017.

  As of October 31st, it received 60 requests from individuals and organizations representing a total of 184 people from 20 countries, requests that were matched with local dōjō and instructors.

  All 184 people studied and researched Okinawa karate and kobudō with 32 dōjō owners and instructors.

  The percentage of requests by region is Europe 38%, the Americas 27% and Asia 35%.


   The number of people by area is a breakdown of 48 people from Europe (23 projects), 101 people from Asia (21 projects), and 35 people from the Americas (16 projects).

  Countries from where originated most inquiries are in order Japan, France, Germany and the United States.

  About half of the trainees are Shōtōkan-ryū karate enthusiasts. Therefore, about half of the 32 instructors who welcomed visitors are leaders of Shōrin-ryū, Sukunai-hayashi-ryū and Matsubayashi-ryū.