Japan TransOcean Airlines (JTA) unveiled a Boeing 737-800 type (165 seats) designed with the catch copy “Okinawa The Birthplace of karate” both in Japanese and English.

  The unveiling ceremony was held at the JTA maintenance center in Naha airport on February 7. In addition to JTA officials, Okinawa prefecture officials, Cultural asset holders for Okinawa karate and kobudo Uehara Takenobu, Higaonna Morio and Nakamoto Masahiro, and the vice chairman of the prefectural sports association Sakumoto Tsuguo attended the ceremony among others. Okinawa Ryūei-ryū Karate Kobudō Ryūhō-kai’s Kiyūna Ryō and Shimomura Seren performed on the occasion.

  The purpose of this project, which is part of an Okinawa Prefecture project to promote Okinawa traditional karate, is to pass the message that “karate equals Okinawa”. Furthermore, another aim is to promote the 1st Okinawa karate international tournament to be held in August.

  Two “Karate Jet” planes will be operated on multiple routes inside and outside the prefecture for half a year starting from February.