French photographer Stéphane Coutteel was invited by OCVB to cover various topics on Okinawa. He visited the prefecture from March 2nd to 27th. He covered mainly diving and karate. Our information center coordinated the karate interviews and activities.

  Mr. Coutteel has been practicing karate for many years. He is a 2nd Dan in Wadō-ryū. He commented that in France, Okinawa is known as the birthplace of karate, but Okinawan styles are not so popular, therefore not well known.

  From 17th to 26th, he interviewed and photographed personalities of each styles: Masters Shimabukuro Haruyoshi, Hokama Tetsuhiro, Taira Yoshitaka, Uema Yasuhiro, Nakamoto Masahiro and Higaonna Morio. On 24th and 25th, he also covered the prefecture’s preliminary tournament for the 1st Okinawa karate international tournament, and visited the Okinawa prefectural office on the 26th to interview Yamakawa Tetsuo, head of the Karate Promotion Division. Articles should be published in the French magazine KARATE BUSHIDO among others.

  Below is a review of his karate coverage in photos.


Inside Shimabukuro Haruyoshi sensei’s Uechi-ryū dōjō.


Visiting Hokama Tetsuhiro sensei’s museum.


OKIC’s Miguel Da Luz explaining the activities of the information center.


Matsubayashi-ryū Taira Yoshitaka sensei introducing his system. The interpreter was Yukari Marsh.


After the interview, photo shoot at the Special dōjō of the Okinawa Karate Kaikan.


Shurite Shorin-ryū Uema Yasuhiro sensei in his Shubukan Uema dōjō.


Personal training after the interview.


Visiting the many sites of the cradle of karate, Okinawa.


Nakamoto Masahiro sensei and his son Mamoru sensei demonstrating kobudō.


Gōjū-ryū Higaonna Morio sensei pausing after the interview.


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