From August 1st, the Okinawa Prefecture will carry out the 1st Okinawa Karate International Tournament. The aim is to promote the preservation and succession of the technique and spirituality of Okinawa karate and exchanges between karate enthusiasts in the cradle that is Okinawa, thus promoting Okinawa traditional karate and kobudō.

  On April 23rd, which will be 100 days until the opening of the tournament, an event marking this date will be held at the Okinawa Prefecture Office building.

  Date and time: April 23rd, (Monday) 10:45 to 15:00

  Place: Prefectural office 1st floor – Prefectural hall

  Contents:  1- Okinawa karate demonstration (10: 45 – 12: 00)

                     2- Experiencing Okinawa karate through Virtual Reality (VR) (12: 00-15: 00)