Throughout the year, our center receives and manages many requests of all kinds. Among these, the requests for dojo internships and training make up a large percentage.  

  As of March 31st, OKIC has received 130 requests from individuals and organizations for the Heisei 29 fiscal year (April 2017-March 2018). This represents a total of 354 people from 24 countries. Note that for this kind of service, we only help people who have no contact in Okinawa Prefecture.

  All requests were matched with 60 local dōjō and instructors of Okinawa karate and kobudō.
  The percentage of requests by region is Asia 36%, the Americas 33%, Europe 27% and Oceania 4%.
  The number of people by area is a breakdown of 178 people from Asia (47 projects), 92 people from the Americas (43 projects), 74 people from Europe (35 projects) and 10 people from Oceania (5 projects).
  Countries from where originated most visitors are in order Japan, the United States, France, Canada and Germany.

  Below, some pictures of these training our center organized. (In no particular order)