Today is “Ryūkyū History and Culture Day”. A related ceremony will be held at the Okinawa Karate Kaikan this afternoon, but here is a little scoop prior the ceremony.

 On this day’s occasion, a logo mark, Ryūkyūan poem, photo + catch phrase contest was held.

 Maeshiro Gō, a relative of Maeshiro Shusei sensei, Hanshi 10th dan in Uechi-ryū and kobudō, is among the prize recipients! Maeshiro Gō is originally from the Uechi-ryū Aja Shūbukan Ryūshikai and currently trains at the Gōjū-ryū Nakamoto Juku.

  His catch copy: “While thinking of the predecessors of karate

Watch the karate demonstration during the ceremony on this page: https://ryukyubunka.jp/