Journalist Yanagihara Shigeo introduces Okinawa traditional karate from various points of view in a series of article.

  1. The essence of Okinawa karate
  2. Organizations spreading to the world
  3. Karate master: Shinzato Katsuhiko
  4. Karate master: Hokama Tetsuhiro
  5. Karate popularization meritorious person: Itosu Ankō
  6. Karate popularization meritorious person: Funakoshi Gichin
  7. The way to the establishment of the “Karate Day”
  8. Types of Karate: Sport · Martial Art · Health
  9. Origin and Styles of karate: Shurite, Tomarite and Nahate
  10. Leading figures who supported the Okinawa karate world after WWII

Introduction of styles should begin soon, with many masters to be introduced. Although in Japanese, using an online translating software might be a good way to read through this interesting series.

Here is the list of articles