A commemorative ceremony was held at Shikan-en for the “1st Okinawa karate international tournament” to be held from August 1st. Held almost one month prior to the event, the ceremony aimed at raising mass media and public awareness, and to pray for the success of the event.
  About 1,700 people from 50 countries and regions will participate in this event. In order to promote nationally and internationally Okinawa as the birthplace of karate, the UNESCO cultural heritage site Shikina royal garden was chosen as venue for the demonstration.

  In front of the palace – “Udun”, the chairmen of the four federations of Okinawa karate, and advisers and consultants of the said organizations performed kata of karate and kobujutsu.


  (1) All Okinawa Karatedō Federation President Sakugawa Masanobu sensei
  (2) Okinawa Prefecture Karatedō Federation President Taira Yoshitaka sensei
  (3) Okinawa Karate · Kobudō Federation President Ahagon Naonobu sensei
  (4) Okinawa Prefecture Karatedō Rengōkai President Shimabukuro Zenpo sensei
  (5) All Okinawa Karatedō Federation Adviser Senaga Yoshitsune
Okinawa Prefecture Karatedō Federation counselor Teruya Kōei sensei
  (7) Okinawa Karate · Kobudō Federation Honorary President Higa Minoru sensei
  (8) Okinawa Prefecture Karatedō Rengōkai Adviser Nakahodo Tsutomu sensei


(1) Sakugawa Masanobu sensei                       (2) Taira Yoshitaka sensei

(3) Ahagon Naonobu sensei                             (4) Shimabukuro Zenpo sensei

(5) Senaga Yoshitsune sensei                          (6) Teruya Kōei sensei

(7) Higa Minoru sensei                                     (8) Nakahodo Tsutomu sensei


  The videos of the demonstrations are available on the Okinawa Times newspaper website.

  After the demonstrations, a commemorative photograph was taken in front of the “Banya” where Shurite master Matsumura Sōkon is said to have resided as administrator at the time of the abolition of the han system in 1879. Known as Bushi Matsumura, he is said to have instructed people like Kyan Chōtoku inside the royal garden.