Karate was born during the Ryukyu Kingdom era on the island of Okinawa. There it spread its roots and grow to such an extent that today there are 130,000,000 karate enthusiasts in 187 countries. Why does karate fascinate the world? How come that the small Okinawa island developed such a martial art that will be included in the Tokyo Olympic games in 2020? In the garden dojo, a gentle tanme (grandpa) awaits to tell the story of karate. Come in the garden and discover the technique and spirit of karate, and the traditional performing arts that have a deep relation with it. May you be a novice or a karate enthusiast, everyone is invited in a world of new discoveries…



    Title: Okinawa Karate Garden

    (2018 Okinawa Performing Arts Magnet Contents Development Project)

    Organizer: Okinawa Dento Karatedo Shinkokai

    Support: Okinawa Prefecture Government, Okinawa Prefecture Culture Association

    Venue: TENBUSU HALL (On the 4th floor of TENBUSU NAHA)

    Dates and times:

        10/3 (Fri) 19:00~

        10/4 (Wed) 19:00~

        10/5 (Fri) 19:00~

       10/6 (Sat) 11:00~, 15:00~, 19:00~

       10/7 (Sun) 19:00~


Creative team

    Supervisor: Ikemiyagi Masaaki

    Director: Kamiya Takefumi

    Producers: Miguel Da Luz, Tomita Megumi

    Support: Ryukyu Entertainment Embassy, Theater Create, Kukuru Vision, Wada Mizuki SAVA, Ryukyu Labo



    Tickets (tax included) – All free seats

    Adult \2,500

    Child (up to senior high school student) \2,000

  Please note that tickets cannot be re-scheduled, refunded or reissued. Free preview for preschool children provided they sit on adult’s lap. Otherwise, please purchase a separate ticket.  

  Purchase at the Okinawa Karate Kaikan and receive an original good!

  Special group discount: 5 tickets → 10% OFF   10 tickets→ 20% OFF    15 tickets → 25% OFF  20 tickets → 30% OFF

  Above discounts are available only for one-time booking of a single performances through telephone or email transaction. Please contact us for discount for groups of more than 20.

  Ticket reservation, sales and inquiries:

  098-851-3707 (Okinawa Dento Karatedo Shinkokai 9:00 – 17:00)


Tickets available at the Okinawa Karate Kaikan, Naha City Tourism Association, Ryubo Palette Kumoji, Coop Apple Town, Shureido, Dojo Bar, Ippon-do.


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