Here is a list of not too expensive and karate friendly accommodations in Naha City. The ones marked with a (★) have online English information available. For other ones, send an email in English. When contacting them, make sure to mention that you are visiting Okinawa for karate purposes as some may have discounts for karate enthusiasts.

  Please understand that we can not be held responsible for any issue happening when contacting or staying at one of these facilities as well as regarding the style and services of each facility. This information is only provided as a start for someone looking for a place to stay.

  If you wish to suggest an accommodation, feel free to contact us.


Abest Cube Naha★ https://www.abestcube-naha.com/plan.html
Andon Matsuo★ http://www.okinawayado.com/
Guest House Sea pappa★ http://www.sea-pappa.com/
Hikari no Ie AnexWe http://www.hikarinoie.jp/
Stella Resort Okinawa Guest House★ http://stella-cg.com/english.html
Weekly Mansion Refine Asato 


Weekly Mansion Luxor Matsuo http://www.kina.co.jp/weekly/luxor/
Lohas Villa★ http://lohas-cg.com/english.html
Minshuku Green House http://greenh.jp/
Okinawa Harborview Mansion https://www.okinawa-weekly.com/english.php

Kariyushi Hotels★

Karate Friendly Hotel – “Karate Ka” Support menu

Tokyu Stay Okinawa Naha★ https://www.tokyustay.co.jp/e/hotel/ON/

Other locations

COZY STAY apartment, in Tomigusuku★ https://cozy.okinawa
Karatel, in Yomitan★ https://karatel.jp/
Okinawa Prince Hotel Ocean View Ginowan https://rsv.seibuprince.com/?Hotel=43748&Chain=31483&Rate=SPWCB(P)