For the this fiscal year (April 1st 2018 to March 30th, 2019), the Okinawa Karate Information Center has received 177 requests from individuals and organizations that were completed. It represents a total of 681 people from 33 countries and regions. 

  These people studied and researched Okinawa karate and kobudō by training with 63 dōjō owners and instructors.

  The number of people by area is a breakdown of 137 people from Europe (67 projects), 293 people from Asia (47 projects), 215 people from the Americas (54 projects), and 36 people (9 projects) from Oceania and Africa.

  Countries from where originated most inquiries are the USA, Japan, France, Spain, Germany and Canada.

  If you are interested in training in Okinawa like the these people, feel free to contact us anytime.


Group from New Zealand and other nations. Instruction by Shōrin-ryū Kyūdōkan Higa Minoru sensei.

Australian club training at the Shōrin-ryū Shūbukan Uema Dōjō.

A US group training under Shōrinji-ryū Oyakawa Hitoshi sensei.

Ryūkonkai Iha Mitsutada sensei instructing during a seminar for a Chinese group.