A local company with an international network, JTB Okinawa is working on organizing Okinawa karate and kobudo seminars in Okinawa starting this April. Some 16 4-days seminars are planned between April and October 2019. 4 seminars introducing the following systems will be available: Shōrin-ryū, Gōjū-ryū, Uechi-ryū and Kobudō. Instructors of the seminars will be provided by the ODKS.

  Our center is not directly involved with the organization therefore, if interested, please contact directly the JTB branches for more information.



JTB Amsterdam  email: info@japanspecialist.nl

JTB Spain          email: infomad@jtb-europe.com

JTB Budapest    email: japan@jtbhungary.com

JTB Copenhagen email: booking@japanspecialisten.dk

JTB Stockholm  email: booking@japanspecialisten.se

JTB Oslo             email: info@japanspesialisten.no

JTB Frankfurt   email: fra_info@jtb-europe.com

JTB London        email: info@japanspecialist.co.uk

JTB Italy            email: booking@jtbitaly.eu

JTB Moscow       mail: japan@jtbrussia.com

JTB Praha          mail: info@jtbczech.com

JTB Paris           mail: specialistejapon@jtb-europe.com