Since the summer of 2018, the karate world in Okinawa is cooperating with the related parties to disseminate information aiming at expanding the Awamori market.

  This project is part of the “Ryukyu Awamori Overseas Export Project Action Plan” which is promoted by the Cabinet Office Okinawa Promotion Bureau, the Okinawa General Bureau, and the Okinawa Prefecture Sake Brewing Association.

  From the start of the project, many masters have appeared in promotional videos, and since August 2018, many video have been released on the PR video site “Okinawa Traditional Karate Channel”. As of January 18, 2019, the number of viewing has reached 1.53 million. 



  As an additional information, the 2ndShimazake Festa” will be held in Naha City Cellular park April 13th to 14th. During the event, JETRO Okinawa will hold an Awamori Seminar for foreign residents and visitors. The seminar will be held once in English and once in Japanese.

  The “Shimazake Festa” is free of charge, and this seminar is also free of charge, but if you want to sample Awamori, please note that you need to purchase a tasting ticket (pre- ¥ 1,500, ¥ 2,000 on the day).


For details on the seminar, please see the event brochure in English and Japanese.