The head of the Ryūkyū Bujutsu Kenkyū Doyūkai (RBKD), Oshiro Toshihiro will be giving an open seminar on Bō and Sai in Okinawa. Everyone is welcome to this special event on Yamanni-ryū kobudō.


Date: 2019, July 13th (Saturday)

Time: AM 10:00-12:00

Venue: Okinawa Karate Kaikan

Content: The first hour will be dedicated to Sai training while the 2nd hour will focus on Bō jutsu. For those who do not have weapons handy, Bō and Sai are available at the kaikan for a small fee.


Instructor: Oshiro Toshihiro

Oshiro Toshihiro sensei was born in Okinawa on May 1st, 1949. He started studying Matsubayashi-ryū at the age of 16. At 24, he became the student of Kishaba Chogi, an expert in Yamanni-ryū bō jutsu and one of the last students of Miyagi Chōjun. At the age of 28, Oshiro sensei moved to the USA. At the age of 37, he was invited to Jordan to teach karate and kobu jutsu. Until recently, he was based in San Francisco but now has come back to live in Okinawa. He holds an 8th dan in both Shima-ha Matsubayashi and Yamanni-ryū.