On October 25th, in commemoration of the Karate Day, the “First Oki-no-gū Karate Festival” was held at Oki-no-gū, one of the Eight Ryūkyū Shrines located in Onoyama Park. This is where stands the Funakoshi Gichin Monument. Under the Mt. Tentōzan, a Shintō ceremony, karate demonstrations and a concert were held under the direction of Uechi Ichirō, head priest of Oki-no-gū and a Shōrin-ryū 6th dan who’s wishes to make this site the sacred place of karate.

  In addition, a gold statue of Busā-ganashī, the martial art deity is now enshrined in the Kangondō shrine located below the shrine.


Head priest Uechi Ichirō            Hokama sensei speaking about karate



Gōjū-ryū Yahi Ippei sensei       Kobudō Iha Mitsutada sensei



Okinawa Kenpō Yamashiro Yoshitomo sensei and Kobudō Yogi Kiyoshi sensei





 Commemorative clear file on sale at the shrine