Today in the auditorium of the Okinawa Prefecture Government building, was held the “Okinawa Prefecture Cultural Merit Award” ceremony.

  Among the 15 cultural people, Ahagon Naonobu sensei (79) was commended in the karate and kobujutsu division. He is the president of the Okinawa Karate Kobudō Federation and vice president of the ODKS.

  After training under Chibana Chōshin sensei and later Nagazato Shūgorō sensei, he established the Reihōkan dōjō in Tabaru, Naha City where he teaches Shōrin-ryū and kobudō. He is a Hanshi 10th dan.

  Ahagon sensei was praised with the following words: “For many years, you have strived to train, preserve and pass on Okinawa traditional karate and nurture inheritors. At the same time, you have exerted yourself to expand the spread of Okinawa traditional karate both in Japan and overseas. Through your endeavor, you have contributed to the promotion of the Okinawan culture.”

  Although not in the field of karate but the art of Tanka, Hirayama Yōmei sensei, a high-ranking member of the Okinawa Traditional Kobudō Preservation Society Bunbukan was also commended.