Born in Yakena Yonashiro Uruma City in 1940, Nakamura Tamotsu graduated from the University of the Ryūkyūs in 1965 with a degree in Education.

  After that, in 1985 he obtained his PhD from Kyūshū University. The theme of his thesis was “Psychological research on the physical and mental control of sportsmen – Karatedō practitioners as a subject” (1985). Until then, Dr. Nakamura’s main papers were “Psychological research on the physical and mental functions of karate practitioners” (1977, photo, property of the Okinawa Karate Kaikan reference room), “Physiological and psychological research on karatedō kata biological reaction” (1981), “Experimental study on the control of muscle activity of karate practitioners” (1981), “Study on the personality characteristics of karatedō practitioners” (1982), and “Study on the brain wave Biofeed-back of karatedō practitioners” (1984).

  Since then, he has also published articles like “Analysis of personality traits of the Budōsha – A study of karatedō practitioners (1989 – English summary available) and “Psychological study on the health of karate practitioners (1990).


Reference: Biography and achievements of Prof. Nakamura Tamotsu (by Miki Takara)