Without succumbing to many pressures, the karatedō left by our Okinawan ancestors has been cultivated over a thousand years and has discovered the truth of “Karate ni sente nashi ” – There is no first attack in karate”. I am convinced that real world peace will be achieved if the veracity of “Karate ni sente nashi” is demonstrated without changing both now and in the future.

 The virtues of karatedō:

         – Karate can be practiced alone, but can also be practiced by many people together.

         – Karate can be practiced freely by anyone that is to say children, seniors, men and women alike.

         – Karate training can be either vigorous or light depending on one’s physical strength.

         – Karate training can be done even in a narrow space.

         – Karate gives courage to those who lack it and willpower to those who lack it.

         – Karate promotes health and doubles work efficiency.

         – Karate makes life brighter ensuring longevity and peace.


 What country in the world possesses such an ideal cultural property? It is a wonder that in such a small island nation, through a long history, karate has survived to the present day according to the words of the ancestors “truth withstands winds”.


 December 10, 1967
 The 1st Karatedō Kobujutsu Demonstration
 Sponsored by the All Okinawa Karatedō Federation
 NAGAMINE Shōshin, Chairman of the All Okinawa Karatedō Federation
 Extracts from the Chairman’s Greeting