A long time participant to the Dynasty Festivals, the Shōrin-ryū Shūbukan (Location: Shuri Toribori-chō. Kanchō Uema Takeshi sensei) has organized a dedicatory demonstration on November 3 in the Sakiyama Park immediately after Shuri Castle’s fire (above photo). This was done in response to the children’s strong wishes of “rebuilding Shuri Castle through karate and encouraging the Okinawan people”. The event was held in collaboration with a few dōjō from the Shuri district.

 At the same time, the Shūbukan and the Sakiyama district Youth Association have been actively engaged in karate and flagpoles demonstrations in the surrounding area.

 Shuri Castle and karate are part of the Okinawan identity. Through this new karate demonstration, we wish to encourage the strong will of the children toward the reconstruction, and to pass on the feelings that will lead toward a bright future.

 On Sunday, July 12 from AM 11:00~12:00, the first demonstration will held with some dōjō and karateka who agree to the purposes herby mentioned. It will be held in front of the castle’s information center (Suimuikan).

 After this day onwards, demonstrations will be conduct on the second Sunday of each month. Participation in the performance is free and all are welcome.

 The details are as follows.

 Dates: Second Sunday of every month  (In case of rain, the demonstration will be conducted on the third Sunday)
 Time period: Until the castle’s reconstruction
 Venue: Shuri Castle Park
 Participating organizations: Karate individuals, karate dōjō, Shuri district children’s association, 3-5 dōjōs per event, approximately 2-~50 people
 Time: From 10:30 am to 12:30 am

  1. From 10:30 to 11:00: Preparations
  2. From 11:00 to 12:00: Karate demonstration and children’s association eisā drum performance, etc.
  3. 12:00 to 12:30: Withdrawal


 Sponsor: Supporting karate dōjō party for Shuri Castle Reconstruction

 Responsible body: Shōrin-ryū Shūbukan

 Contact: Shōrin-ryū Shūbukan’s PR person – Hasegawa 080-6660-7861 (English-speaker)