Today, Okinawa newspapers have widely reported on the establishment of the “Okinawa Karate UNESCO Registration Promotion Council”. Related information is available on the ODKS website.

 The Okinawa Prefecture and ODKS have been working toward this registration since 2017. Following the establishment of a Registration review committee (2018) and a Registration promotion review committee (2019), this year sees the establishment of a Promotion council composed of 41 people of various fields, like the media, education field, etc.

 At the press conference, Mr. Sawada, head of the OPG Karate Promotion Division explained that the council will strive to compile a draft by the end of this fiscal year and to submit it to the Council for Cultural Affairs of Japan. After making adjustments, the council will aim for a proposal from the national government to UNESCO in 2022, which marks the 50th anniversary of Okinawa’s return to mainland Japan.


Photo (from right to left): Sawada Hayato (head of the Karate promotion division), Toguchi Kazuhiro (head of the OPG Department of culture, Tourism and Sports), Arakaki Kunio (ODKS Rijichō) and Ikemiyagi Masaaki (ODKS Head of the secretariat)