Okinawa Prefecture has formulated the “Second Phase Vision Roadmap for Okinawa Karate Promotion,” and from FY2023, under the second phase roadmap, the prefecture aims to further preserve, inherit, promote, develop, and promote Okinawan karate.

The symposium for the second phase of the roadmap will be held on the following dates.

Date: Sunday, February 26
Time: 16:00 – 18:20
Place: Okinawa Convention Center, Conference Tower A1
Format: Simultaneous on-site and online

Admission to this symposium is free and open to the attendees.
The purpose of the symposium is to create a forum to share and promote measures related to Okinawa karate with karate-related organizations and institutions.

The symposium will be streamed LIVE on You Tube.

Details of the symposium:

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