The 3rd Challenging Person Karate tournament for karate practitioners with intellectual disabilities was held on July 9 at the Karate Kaikan in Okinawa, Japan.


The tournament featured 46 participants, ranging from elementary school students to adults, who proudly demonstrated the results of their daily training.

Participants were divided into carefully selected groups according to their level, from those who could perform kata individually to those who demonstrated with experienced partners,

to demonstrate their skills as well as the spirit and beauty of their techniques.


The first time the event was held in four years, families and spectators applauded enthusiastically, and participants, while receiving their certificates and medals, said, “I was a little nervous, but joyful.Okinawa karate embraces “true strength” that does not set limits for yourself, but rather believes in the possibilities of your own body and facing them.


Many people contributed to the success of the tournament.

Lastly, special gratitude goes out to the organizers, the Okinawa Prefecture Liaison Council of Parents of Special Needs School Graduates, and all those involved.