A prestigious event will be held for Okinawan karate, which is deeply rooted in the history and traditions of Okinawa.
On Saturday, October 14, 2023, a prestigious event titled “The History and Future of Okinawan Karate: The Path to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage”
will be held at the National Theatre Okinawa’s Small Theatre.
The purpose of this event is to promote the deep history and values of Okinawan karate, to properly preserve and pass on its unique traditions to the next generation,
and to widely publicize “Okinawa, the birthplace of karate” both domestically and internationally.
The first part of the event will feature a talk session with celebrities.
Governor Denny Tamaki, Governor of Okinawa Prefecture and Chairman of the Okinawa Traditional Karate Promotion Association
Amon Miyamoto, director of Kabuki operas of all genres
Andrea Klementisova from Slovakia, winner of the silver medal in Naha-te at the Okinawa Karate World Championships 2022
During the talk session, there will be a discussion on the secret story behind the production of the musical “Karate Kid,”
the governor’s thoughts on the cultural and historical appeal of Okinawan karate and the path to registration as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage,
and the attractiveness of Okinawan karate by a karateka from the prefecture, a silver medal winner at the Okinawa Karate World Championships.
The second part of the event will include a kata demonstration (simultaneous demonstration), allowing participants to see the the overwhelming power and beauty of the art.
Those who wish to participate are asked to scan the QR code and apply through the application form.
An archive of the event will be made available later on the official YouTube channel of the Okinawa Karate Promotion Division.
Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the interesting world of this historical and fascinating tradition!