The memorial monument of Nagamine Shōshin sensei is scheduled to be erected this year in Shinyashiki Park, Tomari, Naha. On the occasion of the unveiling ceremony to be held early November, we are introducing the completed WEB serialization “the Story of Nagamine Shoshin”, that started in July 2020. As the series is in Japanese, we suggest using an online translation software to read these 17 very interesting articles.



The story of Nagamine Shōshin – The rise and fall of Okinawa karate

By journalist Yanagihara Shigeo

As published on WEB Daisan Bunmei


Episode 17: extra edition no. 2 (final episode of the series) The disciples of Nagamine Shōshin

Episode 16: Extra Edition no.2 Interview of former Governor Inamine Keiichi

Episode 15: (final) About the origin of karate?

Episode 14: Towards the Okinawa Karate world reunification

Episode 13: Okinawa Kaiho National Athletics drama

Episode 12: The Ryūkyū disposal of karate (Part II)

Episode 11: The Ryūkyū disposal of karate (Part I)

Episode 10: Publication of “Okinawa no Karatedō”

Episode 9: Frustration as a businessman

Episode 8: The Naha City Council era

Episode 7: New start after the war

Episode 6: Surviving the Battle of Okinawa

Episode 5: The police work era (Part II)

Episode 4: The police work era (Part I)

Episode 3: Lying down due to illness and resuscitating with karate

Episode 2: The nature of Tomari

Episode 1: How did the era of the four great masters of Okinawa karate started?