This year, 6 events are scheduled for the celebration of “Karate no Hi, the day of karate”. Here are the details. (Updated on October 21st)

Sunday, October 24th, 2021

  1. The 7th Memorial demonstration for the war victims organized by the Uechi-ryū Karatedō Rengōkai will start at AM10:00 at the Okinawa Prefecture Peace Memorial Park in Itoman City. Members of the federation will demonstrate the various kata of Uechi-ryū, kobudō and tameshiwari, among others.
  2. The 100 Kata for Karate Day Challenge is scheduled to start at AM11:00 in the same park.
  3. Another event including karate is scheduled at the Naha City Tree-planting Center from PM2:00 to PM3:00. The event is organized by Mr. Chinen Hiroshi of Misaki Kogyo Ltd. Scheduled are demonstrations by Renshinkan and Shōbukan students, karate dances and demonstrations by Hokama Tetsuhiro sensei’s students.


Monday, October 25th, 2021

  1. The masters’ demonstration, to be held at the Okinawa Karate Kaikan, is an on invitation only event. The event is scheduled to be aired on YouTube on October 27th. More at this page: https://karate-event.jp/en/demonstrations/


Sunday, October 31st, 2021

  1. The memorial demonstration that used to be held in Naha City’s Kokusai Street in recent years will unveil at the Okinawa Prefecture Peace Memorial Park in Itoman City. It will start at PM3:30 with demonstrations by cultural asset holders and will follow with a ceremony and demonstrations by the members of the federations that compose the Okinawa Dento Karatedo Shinkokai. The event should end around PM5:30. Closed to visitors, live broadcast of the event is scheduled. More at this page: https://karate-event.jp/en/memorial-demonstration/
  2. An online projection mapping show at the Shuri Castle will feature karate demonstrations. It will start at PM7:00. Watch the show at this link: https://shurijo-event.wixsite.com/2021


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