Starting in June, we will begin a new series of articles titled “Karate Today”.
The article will be published bi-weekly on Tuesdays, and will focus on what happened in the world of Okinawan karate on that day.
The articles will be written by Soumou Koji (草莽居士) and Nakanski in collaboration. As for May 26th, on which this article was published, here’s a brief history of the day.

It was 170 years ago today, that is, May 26, 1853, that Commodore Perry came to Ryukyu. In Japanese history, Commodore Perry is well known as the historical figure who came to Uraga (Present day, Kanagawa Prefecture) and led Japan to open its borders to the outside world. However, Perry’s fleet arrived in Uraga in July of the same year, and actually visited Ryukyu earlier!

Moreover, while in Ryukyu, Perry’s fleet formed a survey party to explore the Okinawan islands, and to our surprise, they visited the ruins of Tomigusuku Castle, where the Okinawa Karate Kaikan is now located. There is an interesting connection between Commodore Perry and Okinawan karate.

We intend to deliver articles of this nature. We plan to continue the series, but may discontinue without notice it when we get a little busy. Rest assured; our aim is to provide you with consistently interesting information.

“Karate Today” will kick off on June 6. Be sure to mark it on your calendars!

※Please be advised that in the event of any discrepancies between the non-Japanese articles and the Japanese version, the Japanese version shall take precedence.