Many dōjō within the Okinawa prefecture have resumed their training. But in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, international karate enthusiasts still cannot visit Okinawa. In order to meet their demands, our information center has launched a new project titled “Okinawa Karate ‘WA’ Series”.
 With the cooperation of instructors who have welcome and taught visiting karateka introduced by our center since its opening in 2017, we present you some videos showcasing the essence of Okinawa karate.
 The title of the series, “WA” is usually understood as harmony. However, we chose a Japanese character meaning “to circulate, to surround, to go around,” with the hope that the martial art of Peace that is Okinawa karate will bring peace worldwide. “WA” is also an acronym for the words “Word” and “Action”, the concept on which this series is based.
 Through this project, we hope to bring some encouragement to karate enthusiasts all over the world to keep training until they can come to Okinawa. We will update this page regularly, so please visit us frequently!


Shuri Tomari Te systems (Shōrin-ryū)

1. Kakie, Shōrin-ryū – Higa Minoru sensei


2. Gedan-barai, Matsubayashi-ryū – Taira Yoshitaka sensei


3. Itosu no Passai, Shōrin-ryū – Uema Yasuhiro sensei


4. Pin-an Sandan, Shōrin-ryū – Chinen Kenyū


Naha Te (Gōjū-ryū)

1. Kakie, Gōjū-ryū – Higaonna Morio sensei

2. Sanchin, Gōjū-ryū – Ikemiyagi Masaaki sensei


3. Sandan uke, Gōjū-ryū – Kinjō Tsuneo sensei



1. Hojo undo (auxiliary exercise), Uechi-ryū – Shimabukuro Haruyoshi sensei



1. Nunchaku, Kobudō – Nakamoto Nasahiro sensei


2. Bō-jutsu, Kobudō – Iha Kōtarō sensei


3. Tunkwā (Tonfā) Kobudō – Ishiki Hidetada sensei