New website for Budō tourism released

 A new website for martial arts (Budō) tourism sponsored by the Japan Sports Agency has been released. In addition to "Okinawa Karate" and "Castle stay/ Kendō", various contents are introduced.  

 The official website is:

Video of the symposium on karate tourism

 The archived video of the “Karate Tourism Online Symposium” held on February 16th has been released. Unfortunately, it is in Japanese only.

 Link to the archive:

 For more details, visit the website managed by OCVB:

Towards Okinawa karate ICH registration, related publication by ICHCAP

 Eduardo González de la Fuente and Andreas Niehaus have written an article titled “From Olympic Sport to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage: Okinawa Karate Between Local, National and International Identities in Contemporary Japan” in the UNESCO ICHCAP- ICM “Traditional Martial Arts as Intangible Cultural Heritage (Living Heritage Series).” (in English only)


Towards Okinawa karate ICH registration, archive of the symposium

 An online symposium with the theme of Okinawa karate gaining UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) status was held at the Okinawa Karate Kaikan on February 12th. The live stream is now available together with the PR video screened during the symposium.


Archive video of the online symposium (in English)


PR video for Okinawa karate to become a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage


Related information


Promoting awamori and karate

 A new website produced by Nippon Travel Agency through a Japan government funded project introduces awamori and karate. The website address is

 In one of the videos, our center’s chief Uehara Kunio speaks about karate and the different schools of Okinawan karate.

 Note: There was an error in the translation. An 8th dan Shōrin-ryū from the line of Shimabukuro Eizo sensei, Uehara sensei says “Umi tachi du takara”. Unfortunately, the word “Umi” was wrongly translated into “sea” and his sentence became “The sea is a treasure.” Although it is true that the sea is a treasure, Uehara sensei meant “Umui tachi du takara”, meaning “When you feel it is the time, that’s a treasure”. He explains it also as “When you feel you should do something, this is the best timing to do it”.