On November 26th, 1961, the Okinawa Kobudō Kyokai (1) held the demonstration called “Dai Ikkai Kobudō Happyōkai” – The 1st Kobudō Demonstration – with the support of the Cultural Property Conservation Committee, the Ryūkyū Shinpō and Okinawa Times newspaper companies. On this occasion, from November 15th to 26th, the Okinawa Times published a series of articles under the title called “Kobudō” introducing 18 martial artists. In the 9 parts of the serial were introduced some famous figures like Kina Shōsei, Nakamura Shigeru, Kaneshima Shinsuke, Chinen Masami, Soken Hōhan, Ishikawa Hōei, Higa Seitoku, Kyan Shin-ei, Kameshima Shin-ei and Nakaima Kenkō among others.


  With the permission of the Okinawa Times, we are pleased to introduce the translation of this serial which represents an important piece of legacy for Okinawa karate.


  1. Okinawa Times – Nov. 9, 1961 “Revival of Kobudō – Kobudō Kyōkai, demonstration on the 26th”
  2. Okinawa Times – Nov. 15, 1961 Kobudō 1: Kina Shōsei (Sai), Shinjō Heisaburō (Karate-jutsu)
  3. Okinawa Times – Nov. 16, 1961 Kobudō 2: Irei Matsutarō (Kusarigama), Nakamura Heisaburō (Chisōchin)
  4. Okinawa Times – Nov. 17, 1961 Kobudō 3: Nakamura Shigeru (Niseshi), Higa Yūsuke (Tinbē)
  5. Okinawa Times – Nov. 21 1961 Kobudō 4: Kaneshima Shinsuke (Dōchin), Chinen Masami (Sakugawa no kon)
  6. Okinawa Times – Nov. 22 1961 Kobudō 5: Soken Hōhan (Kusarigama), Shiroma Taisei (Ufutun bō)
  7. Okinawa Times – Nov. 23 1961 Kobudō 6: Nohara Kamaichi (Shiho kiri), Takara Shigeru (Kiai-justu)
  8. Okinawa Times – Nov. 24 1961 Kobudō 7: Ishikawa Hōei (Nunchaku), Higa Seitoku (Shōshi no kon)
  9. Okinawa Times – Nov. 25 1961 Kobudō 8: Kyan Shin-ei (Sai), Kameshima Shin-ei (Naihanchi)
  10. Okinawa Times – Nov. 26 1961 Kobudō 9: Nakaima Kenkō (Nichō gama), Uchima Anyū (Naihanchi)
  11. Okinawa Times – Nov. 27 1961 Report on the event
  12. Ryūkyū Shinpō – Nov. 27 1961 Report on the event


(1) The “Okinawa Kobudō Kyōkai” was founded in 1961. It is not related to the actual Okinawa Prefecture Kobudō Federation. At that time, it was chaired by Higa Seitoku.

(2) Some articles’ translation have already been published on the website of the Okinawa Traditional Karate Liaison Bureau (http://okkb.org/). We are reintroducing these translations with the authorization of the said bureau.

(3) Please note that there may be some errors in the reading of some names. We welcome any suggestions as long as it is provided with corroborative evidence.