Today, Japan Transocean Air (JTA) donated a “Karate Jet Model Plane” to the Okinawa Karate Kaikan. The ceremony took place in the morning. JTA President Aoki Noriyuki, Vice Governor of Okinawa Prefecture Tomikawa Moritake, Okinawa Prefecture Government officials, Shimoji Yoshiro, the new chairman of OCVB, Nakamoto Masahiro and Higaonna Morio, both cultural asset holders for karate and kobujutsu, and officers of the Okinawa Dentō Karatedō Shinkōkai participated.

  JTA has operated two Karate Jets since February of last year as part of the “Okinawa the Birthplace of Karate” public relations project. They are JTA’s Boeing 737-800 type machine (165 seats). The jets that were put into service as a government project have been put out of service, but in June of this year, wrapping work is in the process, and JTA plans on extending the flight period.

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  Below are some photos of the ceremony.