On October 10, 1969, the Nippon Budōkan hosted the “1st All Japan Karate Championships” sponsored by the All Japan Karate Federation.

 On that date at the Tōkyō venue, Okinawa karate figures from the birthplace Okinawa performed a special invitational exemplary demonstration titled “ Okinawa Kōkai no Yūbe” (Okinawa Public Evening).

 Prior to the Tōkyō demonstration, a demonstration was held at the Okinawa Times Hall on September 25. Taking advantage of this performance, a special feature was published in the Okinawa Times in three parts, and 6 masters were introduced.

 With the permission of the Okinawa Times, we are introducing this series, which is an important asset of Okinawa Karate.

    Posted on September 20, 1969: “Okinawa Kōkai no Yūbe” (Part I)

          Kaneshima Shinsuke (Tozan-ryū) / Nagamine Shōshin (Matsubayashi-ryū)

    Posted on September 21, 1969: “Okinawa Kōkai no Yūbe” (Part II)

          Kushi Jokei (Matsubayashi-ryū) / Shimabukuro Zenryō (Shōrin-ryū)

    Posted on September 22, 1969: “Okinawa Kōkai no Yūbe” (Par III)

          Higa Yūchoku (Shōrin-ryū) / Yagi Meitoku (Gōjū-ryū)