Okinawa Kōkai no Yūbe
National special invitation exemplary demonstration (Part II)

(Published on September 21, 1969)



The agile action of Mr. Shimabukuro
Shimabukuro Zenryō Hanshi (
Head of Shōrin-ryū Seibukan Dōjō)


  A small man of approximately 150 cm (1). Having been a fan of karate since his childhood, he was a mischievous student who, using the classroom wall as a substitute for makiwara, was looking forward to drilling holes while the teacher was in the staff room. In 1933, he moved from Kubagawa Shuri City to the current district of Jagaru in Chatan Village.

  While working in the confectionery wholesale in Jagaru from the age of seventeen, Shimabukuro Hanshi visited the home of karatedō master Kyan Chōtoku sensei who lived at that time next to Hija bridge in Kadena Village. Shimabukuro Hanshi recalls “For 8 years until the age of 24 years old, I travelled by bicycle to receive the master’s instruction. The hard karate life of those days is a happy memory of my young years.”

  Although he runs the Shōrin-ryū (1) Seibukan Dōjō in Jagaru, there are also many foreigner students due to the area. Foreigners park their deluxe cars next to the entrance of the dōjō. Shimabukuro Hanshi said, “It’s a difference of times. We didn’t dream of it when we were young. A dōjō is a good thing.” Regardless of his small body, huge foreigners are being conditioned. The eldest son, Mr. Zenpo (27 years old) is also a Renshi instructor. While he works at a foreign trading company, he absorbedly acts as his father’s assistant to instruct the students in the evening.

  Shimabukuro Hanshi will perform Ānankū, which he learned from Kyan sensei. It seems that Ānankū is based on the motto “the quickest possible movement”, and this kata is a favorite of Shimabukuro Hanshi. Rather than being a powerful performance, Shimabukuro Hansi’s agile movements in performing Ānankū may be noticed by small build persons. He is 61 years old.


[Correction] In the introduction of Nagamine Hanshi, it was written that Nagamine Hanshi received instruction from both Matsumora Kōsaku and Matsumura Sōkon. Correctly it should have say that he received instruction from direct students of these masters, namely Motobu Chōki and Kyan Chōtoku.



  1. Five shaku is approximately 152 cm.
  2. This Shōrin-ryū can also be pronounced Sukunai-hayashi-ryū to differentiate it from the Shōrin-ryū founded by Chibana Chōshin.
  3. In the book ‘Shorin Ryu Seibukan – Kyan’s Karate’ by Shimabukuro Zenpo and Dan Smith, it is written: “He did not start karate training until he was 27 years old. (…) He continued to train until the war came to Okinawa in April of 1945”.


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