Kobe’s children experience Okinawa Karate

  39 children from Kobe City’s child care institutions visited Okinawa through "The 11th Smile and Excitement KOBE Trip to Okinawa".

  On Sunday 13th, the children who are elementary school sixth grade experienced Okinawa karate at the Okinawa Karate Kaikan. Our center coordinated the karate trial and Uema Takeshi from the Shōrin-ryū Shūbukan Uema Dōjō taught the session. Mr. Uema is also a karate instructor at Okinawa Shōgaku. The children discovered karate through proper bowing, kihon, kata and light and fun kumite practice.





Courtesy visit to the new Shinkōkai president


  On January 10, the permanent directors of the Okinawa Dentō Karatedō Shinkōkai (ODKS) made a courtesy call to the Governor of the Okinawa Prefecture, Tamaki Denny. In the steps of late Onaga Takeshi, the present governor has accepted the position of chairman of the ODKS. It was the first meeting with their new chairman for the leaders of the ODKS. After greetings, the Chairman of the boad of directors Kiyūna Chōkō requested the promotion of the registration of karate on the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list and the recognition of new karate and kobudo cultural asset holders.



Feature of this month “Motobu Udundi”


  In January, the research and reading room of the Okinawa Karate Kaikan is displaying a collection of documents relating to the "Ryūkyū royal family secret martial art Motobu Udundi". Why not visit when you are at the Kaikan?

Kenkūren released its official website
  The "Okinawa Prefecture Karatedō Federation" (Kenkūren), one of the four major organizations of the ODKS has released its official website. The address is www.karatedorenmei.okinawa


  So far, the "Okinawa Prefecture Karatedōkai", also one of the 4 major organizations of the ODKS has also operate its own official website. The address is http://k-rengoukai.okinawa/
Information on the New Year’s Holidays

  The Okinawa Karate Kaikan and the Okinawa Karate Information Center will be closed on Sunday, December 30th 2019 through Thursday, January 3rd 2019. Regular work will start again on Friday, January 4th, 2019.

  Thank you for your continued support during the year 2018.

  Happy New Year!